AAEE Introduces Regional Coordinators and State Reps

Since 1934, AAEE, the American Association for Employment in Education, has provided members with direct access to research, publications and networking opportunities with colleagues - all focused upon the highest standards in educator preparation, recruitment, hiring and retention. AAEE is an organization that brings together the varied representatives of state and local school systems  with Career Centers and Education Departments from Colleges and Universities throughout the country. The ability for these entities to collaboratively work in preparing, recruiting and retaining valuable teacher candidates has been at the core of the organization and that core belief remains as the priority among its constituent memberships. 

A major contributor to the growth of AAEE is the new Regional Coordinators (RC) and State Representatives (SR) Initiative. Many of our current members have expressed an interest in providing leadership in this initiative by identifying potential AAEE members; however, we have several open positions for RC and SR leadership roles. 


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The Regional Coordinators (RC) provide membership development of the State Reps within their state/region, contribute to Blog & Social Media, serve as marketing outlets for events, conferences, and Job Search Handbook distributions within the region, participate in quarterly RC meetings,  and bi-annual meetings with the board,  and participate in the “Welcome Reception for New Members” at the Annual Conference. This is proposed as a two-year position that is renewable.  Regional Coordinators will gain: increased familiarity with the AAEE leadership system; a stronger connection between regional and national associations; and obtain recognition and an official title with a national association. Individuals who serve in this role will also be recognized with a statement of appreciation that AAEE will share with the RC’s respective employer.

The State Representatives,  (SR) will Support the RC in providing membership development within their designated state; serve as a conduit to market AAEE programs, conferences, etc.; and participate in the “Welcome Reception for New Members” at the Annual Conference.  The (SR) position is a one-year term, with the option to renew or move into a Regional Coordinator position.  SRs will benefit from becoming more familiar with AAEE leadership systems and obtaining a stronger connection between related regional and national associations.

There are several regions & states already represented while some are needing to be filled. We need your help to fulfill this initiative, so if you are interested in participating please be sure to contact Tim Neubert, Executive Director, execdir@aaee.org.

Regional Coordinators Map

Click on a region below to learn more about each region and it's coordinators

State Representatives/Regional Coordinators

Thank you to this tremendous group of individuals for being champions of the AAEE mission and values.
Great Lakes

(CRC) Tim Smith
Anderson Community Schools, IN

(CRC) Veronica Rahim
Purdue University, IN

Great Plains/ Midwest

(RC) Dan Covino
Grinnell College, IA

(RC) Bridgett Nobili
California University of PA

(RC) Giselle Abed
Westfield State University, MA

(SR) Crisanne Blackie
University of Maine - Orano, ME


(RC) Steven Zollinger
Brigham Young University, ID

(SR) Sharon Chinn
Lewis & Clark, OR

South Central

(RC) Pam Ehlers
Oklahoma State University, OK

(SR) Daphne Donaldson
East Baton Rouge Parish Schools, LA

(SR) Henry Espinosa 
Galena Park Independent School District, TX

(SR) Dana Morrison
East Baton Rouge Parish Schools, LA

South East

(RC) Liz Young
Fulton County Schools, GA

(SR) Carol Hamric 
Kanawha County Schools, WV

(SR) David Azzarito
Orange Co Public Schools, FL

(SR) Lisa Mann
University of Georgia, GA


(RC) Brandon Street
Southern Utah University, UT

(RC) Jillian Morley
Utah State University, UT

(RC) Joseph Nannini 
University of Nevada, NV

(RC) Terry Christensen 
Tooele County School District, UT

(RC) Thomas Beckett 
Maricopa Unified School District, AZ


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