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Hot Off the Presses: The 2017 Job Search Handbook has arrived!

05 Aug 2016 4:02 PM | Anonymous

It’s been months in the making and countless hours of writing, editing, design and production and now the 2017 Job Search Handbook (JSH) is finished and pre-sale orders are making their journey to AAEE members across the country. Soon they will be in the eager hands of teacher candidates ready to conquer the world of education in their own unique ways.

As the 51st Annual edition, the Job Search Handbook is not a new concept; however, each year great strides are made to keep the content fresh and current, and this year is no exception. In the 2017 JSH readers will find a layout with a more workbook approach including articles on topics ranging from: effective resume writing; developing your personal commercial; how to use technology to your advantage throughout your career;  the art of saying no while still being successful; plus sections to make notes on important ideas. There are also 30 advertisements from school districts and organizations welcoming you to explore their opportunities, career fairs and services. We are also excited that all 80+ pages are in full color, bringing an extra sense of vibrancy and freshness. To preview the 2017 Job Search Handbook or order your copies, please visit: aaee.org/job-search-handbooks.

AAEE applauds the Job Search Handbook Editorial Committee including Diana Sanchez from the University of California at San Marcos, Dr. Rebecca Faber from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Dr. Dawn Scheffner Jones from Northern Illinois University. Together they worked tirelessly to ensure a robust publication with information pertinent to the success of all educators. Thank you for your efforts!

AAEE also thanks our publisher, Mike Schlegel and his team at Wizard Media Solutions (American Web),for their commitment to quality and dedication to excellent customer service. Here is a brief look behind the scenes at the production of the 2017 JSH:

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