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Educator Supply and Demand Survey

30 Nov 2016 10:56 PM | Anonymous

If you haven’t completed the 2016-17 AAEE Supply and Demand Survey, we’d appreciate your input. You do NOT need to be a member of AAEE to participate in the survey, and all respondents will receive an executive summary of the results. 

You may complete the survey on a computer, tablet or smartphone by clicking the link below. Responses with estimated data are fine; all responses will remain confidential.

AAEE has contracted with The Center for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR) to conduct a brief survey concerning teacher supply and demand. The information gathered from this survey will be shared with school administrators, higher education professionals, media representatives, and future teachers. The survey will take about 10 to 15 minutes.  

Click Here to Start the Survey (school districts)

Click Here to Start the Survey (colleges/universities)

To look at the questions before completing the survey (so you can prepare your responses), please visit cmoresearch.com/aaee/surveys.php.

If you are not the best person at your institution to complete this survey, please forward this email to the most appropriate person or reply with his or her name and email address to Anthony Matonis at amatonis@cmoresearch.com.

If you have any difficulty completing the survey, please contact Anthony Matonis at 330-564-4211 or amatonis@cmoresearch.com.

Thank you for participating in this AAEE initiative, the most thorough national teacher supply and demand report available. Please feel free to forward the survey links to other K-12 school systems or college university networks for their input.  They do NOT need to be an AAEE member to complete the survey.

Deborah R. Snyder, Executive Director
American Association for Employment in Education (AAEE) 

In collaboration with The Center for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR) is an Ohio-based public opinion research firm. More information on CMOR can be found here.

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