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Invitation to Submit an Article for the AAEE 2019 Job Search Handbook for Educators

09 Jan 2018 12:12 AM | Anonymous

AAEE Members are invited to submit an article for consideration for the next edition of the Job Search Handbook for Educators. The deadline for submitting the article is Friday, February 16, 2018.

We seek articles between 250 and 1,000 words. Short articles are welcome! Here are some tips:

  • Write specifically for future teachers. The Job Search Handbook is widely distributed to student teachers who will soon be applying for their first full-time teaching jobs. Our goal is to provide them with information to make them as confident as possible.
  • Make the article conversational. We appreciate and want data-supported articles, but provide your data in a conversational format. Consider including your information as a “To Do List,” a “Top Ten” or “Top Five,” a series of FAQ’s, or a quiz. Think about how you would present this information to student teachers if you were addressing them in person.
  • Use current data and resources – please do not cite resources that are more than three years old.

You are welcome to submit an article that covers any aspect of the teacher job search.

 If we accept your article, you, as the author:

  • Bear full responsibility for the content; opinions expressed are not necessarily representative of AAEE;
  • Confirm that the article has not been published or submitted elsewhere;
  • Grant AAEE the right to use this article in 2019 Job Search Handbook and other AAEE publications and/or media;
  • Understand the editorial committee reserves the right to edit the article to fit the Handbook’s style and continuity.

Please email your proposed article (as a Word document) and a copy of the AAEE author’s agreement to: Sherri Morris, 2019 Editorial Committee, at publications@aaee.org, by February 16, 2018.

Thank you.

Sherri Morris, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools; Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Rebecca Faber, Retired; University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Shari Leder, Weber State University; Ogden, UT
Debra Bagby, Harnett County School District; Lillington, NC
Addison Odem, Westminster College; Salt Lake City, UT

—co-editors, 2019 AAEE Job Search Handbook

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