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Casting a Wider Net: Exploring Out-of-State Teaching Options

17 Apr 2020 11:54 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Author: Giles Volker

Congratulations on entering the noble profession of teaching. After years of hard work, study, and preparation, you’re finally ready to teach in your own classroom! You’ve searched in your local area, but where are all the full-time positions? The truth is, the job you’re looking for may not be available in your area. What do you do?

Look For Jobs Out-of-State

As intimidating as it may seem, your best option might be outside of your state and your comfort zone, but don’t fret. Relocating can be a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally.

Why Should I Consider Moving Out-of-State?

  • Teacher Shortages

  • New Connections

  • Matching Your Style

  • Expanding Your Experience

When beginning your search for teaching jobs, it can seem like every position around you has already been filled for years. If that happens, it might be time to broaden your search. Many school districts are facing a teacher shortage and would love the opportunity to recruit a new professional! By looking into the options available through relocating, you might also find schools and districts that better match your own personality and teaching styles. 

Relocating to a new district will also give you a chance to create new professional connections and friends in the teaching community. Having contacts around the country to reach out to for help and advice is always a unique opportunity that can help you stand out in the field. Working in districts other than the ones you’ve lived around previously will also likely teach you new tricks and strategies you might not have discovered otherwise.

How Do I Start Looking for Jobs Out of State?

  • Virtual Job Fairs

  • Online Job Boards

  • AAEE Educator Candidate Membership

  • LinkedIn

Finding a new job out of state might seem like a daunting or even impossible task at first, but thousands of teachers have gone down that path before you! Resources and groups have been created for the sole purpose of helping teachers in your situation to find a job that is right for them.

When attempting to find a job, one of the difficulties you might face is distance. It can be hard to find jobs when they are opening halfway across the country! When this problem arises, make use of virtual job fairs and online job boards! During a virtual job fair you’ll be able to connect with multiple recruiters in real-time from the comfort of your living room. One such resource is AAEE’s Virtual Career Fair for Teachers. For online job boards, you can check out AAEE’s Pre K-12 Education Job Board, or job boards such as K12JobSpot and SchoolSpring which allow you to look for jobs using search criteria such as specific locations and grade levels.

Another great way to receive information about districts looking for new teachers is to become an AAEE Educator Candidate Member. Becoming a member will give you access to opportunities such as AAEE career fairs, contact with districts actively seeking new teachers, access to the national Job Fair Calendar, and professional webinars to get a jump-start on your professional development. Visit our Join AAEE page to sign up!

Another useful resource you should make sure to utilize is LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be an easy way to find and contact schools searching for new teachers to join their team. You’ll also be able to quickly share your personal information with them, such as your resume and professional references. 

What Resources Can I Look For to Help Me?

  • Educator Supply and Demand Report

  • Job Search Handbook for Educators

  • Good Neighbor Next Door Program

  • Teacher Next Door Program

Luckily you aren’t the first teacher to relocate for a new job, so PLENTY of resources and benefits have already been established to help you land on your feet in your new position. At AAEE, we release two such resources each year. We conduct an annual survey of universities and school systems across the nation to create the Educator Supply and Demand Report. This report provides you with the most current information concerning the dynamic market of educator employment so you can make informed choices on where to search for your new job.

AAEE can also provide you with the annual Job Search Handbook for Educators. The handbook includes notices from employers and grad schools about opportunities for candidates, effective resume and cover letter examples, tips on how to ace cyber interviews, and much more. These tips and tricks will help you learn how to find, apply, and succeed in the new teaching position you’re looking for!

It’s entirely possible you fall in love with your new district and decide you want to stay! If that happens, there are several resources available to help teachers purchase a home. The Good Neighbor Next Door Program helps teachers who are first time home buyers to purchase certain homes for 50% off their listed price if they agree to live in the home for 36 months after the date of purchase. Their sister site, the Teacher Next Door Program, provides housing grants and down payment assistance for teachers moving into new districts.

Creating New Opportunities Through Relocating

By choosing to relocate and use the tips and resources we’ve compiled in this article, you’ll be able to drastically increase your chances of landing a teaching job you’ll LOVE. Remember that relocating is a good way to find open positions in schools that might suit you better than the ones in your immediate area. Always be sure to research any relocation benefits that districts or states might currently be offering. If you ever need help, remember to reach out to your friends at AAEE!

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