AAEE Team Descriptions

The following are descriptions of the AAEE Officers and Directors Positions. Want to get involved? Contact us!


  • Maintains monthly contact with the Executive Director to address issues/needs of the Executive Office
  • Develops agenda for and presides at the National Conference
  • Develops agenda for and presides at any Board of Directors or business meetings, including monthly conference calls, summer board meetings, and pre-and post-conference board meetings; distributes agenda to Board Members in advance of each meeting
  • Ensures that valid voting procedures are used and that Robert’s Rules of Order are followed
  • Works closely with the Board to establish Association goals
  • Maintains knowledge of all Association governing documents, and ensures that the Association operates accordingly
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all AAEE functional teams, except the Elections Committee
  • Provides oversight to the Executive Officers and Directors for the appointment of team members as well as approval of functional goals
  • Represents the Association and its members to other organizations, government and public agencies, the media, and the public
  • Establishes annual performance objectives for the Executive Director and prepares and conducts the annual performance review of the Executive Director
  • Trains and prepares the President-elect for the responsibilities of the presidency and establishes specific objectives and areas of focus for the President-elect
  • Ensures decisions are made in a timely manner and then translated into meaningful actions, holding appropriate parties accountable for success


  • In the absence or disability of the President, or at his/her request, performs the duties of the President
  • Becomes President if the office of the President becomes vacant
  • Supports the President in development and application of annual Association goals
  • Serves as co-chair of the Program Committee for the AAEE National Conference; collaborates with Executive Director/Executive Office on conference details, including calls for programs, menu selections, and design/printing of conference programs and/or conference app
  • Teams with hotel and event planner (i.e., Meeting Solutions) to allocate conference space in selected facility
  • Works with conference co-chair in site selection for National Conference
  • Collaborates with conference co-chair in selecting and organizing conference committee
  • Collaborates with Executive Office to develop/select conference logo
  • In conjunction with the Executive Office, publicizes the conference to AAEE members and potential attendees
  • Conducts overall evaluation of National Conference; suggests areas for improvement; provides feedback to Board Members



    • Chairs the Nominations Committee
    • Manages the awards and recognition process – confers awards at National Conference and specialized awards (e.g. Stars) throughout the year; collaborates with Executive Office to order awards; sends congratulatory letters to award winners
    • Provides updates on award winners for inclusion on AAEE website
    • Acts in the general role of consultant to the Board and assumes assignments as requested by the President
    • May provide input regarding the maintenance and updating of the AAEE Bylaws
    • Attends summer Board Meetings in addition to all other Board Meetings and Executive Sessions throughout the year


    • Records and distributes minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, including monthly conference calls
    • Reviews meeting minutes from previous meeting with the Board of Directors at the beginning of each meeting
    • Records minutes for Executive sessions that will be viewed only by the Board and not available to the membership or the Executive Director
    • Records and distributes the minutes of the annual Business Meeting at the National Conference
    • Coordinates with/assists Executive Director in developing and sending Association correspondence on behalf of the Board of Directors
    • Ensures adherence to parliamentary procedures
    • Serves as historian and custodian of the records of AAEE     



    • Collaborates with the President and Executive Director in preparing the annual budget
    • Monitors monthly income and expense activity using bank statements and AAEE Executive Office financial records
    • Reports on the financial status and results of AAEE operations at meetings of the Board of Directors (monthly) and at the annual National Conference Business Meetings; makes Business Meeting report available to the total membership
    • Arranges for audits of the Association’s financial records when mandated by the Board of Directors
    • Maintains access to all financial resources  


    • While targeting their respective areas - Universities and School Systems - two Directors of Membership work collaboratively to direct the Association’s strategic marketing program
    • Recruits Regional Coordinators (RC) and State Representatives (SR) to help strengthen and maintain membership in all 50 states, and across 10 regions
    • Manages the RC/SR Program and provides support and orientation as needed
    • Suggests new member orientation/programming (e.g. at conferences); develops new member activities in conjunction with Board Members, RC’s, and SR’s
    • In collaboration with the Executive Office, connects RC’s and SR’s with state and regional Associations to enhance membership interface
    • Prepares monthly update and annual report on RC/SR program



      • In collaboration with the Executive Office, plans, directs, delivers, and evaluates professional development programming
      • Identifies presenters for webinars; as needed, interacts with webinar presenters to clarify objectives and expectations
      • Recruits members to prepare blog posts for AAEE’s website and social media
      • For monthly Board Meetings, prepares update on professional development activities


      • In collaboration with the Executive Office, provides leadership for the preparation of the annual Job Search Handbook for Educators (JSHE)
      • Prepares a timeline in conjunction with the design and publication schedule provided by the AAEE Strategic Marketing Manager
      • Recruits members for the JSHE Editorial Committee and chairs meetings
      • Collaborates with the Executive Office to issue call for article submissions
      • Chairs Committee to collaboratively review submissions; select articles for publication; and interact with authors as needed to ensure articles are published according to AAEE guidelines
      • With the JSHE Committee, edits articles for the publication
      • As manageable, provides feedback to the national office on other publications, e.g. Supply and Demand Report
      • For monthly Board Meetings, prepares update on publications activities