Become Our Partner in Education

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate to market your organization and services to our members.

AAEE offers a variety of options for providing enhanced visibility of your organization.

Sponsor or Exhibit during AAEE Annual Conference

Our annual conference is a great way to showcase your product or service to a large network of education professionals. 

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$999 - $11,000
Email marketing campaign to AAEE members and contacts

Direct email campaign to AAEE member groups; school system representatives (~400), college/university representatives (~500), and/or educator candidates (~1,600). You would prepare the graphics and text and AAEE will design in our platform.


Email Marketing to Arrange Details

$150 per member group per mailing for AAEE member organizations ($300 for non-members)
Sidebar advertisement on AAEE website

Showcase your organization and/or product on the right sidebar of each page of AAEE website, excluding the home page.

Dimensions are 200px wide by 292px tall.


Email Marketing to arrange details

$100 per month for AAEE member organizations ($200 for non-members)
Sponsored webinar hosted by AAEE

Showcase organization and/or product to AAEE members and contacts (school system representatives, college/university representatives, and/or educator candidates). You would provide the webinar topic area, title of your webinar, three take-away points from your webinar, the content and goals of this session, which audience(s) will benefit most from attending this session, and what participant engagement strategies you have considered to keep the audience engaged (i.e. poll questions, eye-catching slides, big ideas, case studies, learning to-do’s, etc.). 

Email messages marketing the event are included in the pricing.

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$150 per webinar for AAEE member organizations ($300 for non-members)
Underwriting of Janice S. Jones Scholarship for Teachers of Color and Teachers in Critical Need Subject Areas

The Janice S. Jones Scholarship fund was established to honor the memory of Janice Jones, an active AAEE member and leader, who passed away in 2007. This scholarship program was created to provide financial support and recognition to high-potential future teachers of color as well as candidates planning to teach critical need subject areas. Read more about the scholarship here.

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$1,000 per annual scholarship
Underwriting of Annual Educator Supply and Demand Survey/Report

Since the educator employment market is a dynamic one, longe-range teacher employment projections are often wrong due to changing political, funding, or demographic issues. To provide the most current information about employment in the education field, AAEE conducts an annual survey of universities and school systems to determine educator supply and demand across the United States. Read more about the Report. 

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Donations to Support Our Non-Profit Mission

Make a donation to the greater good! As a nonprofit, every little bit counts. Consider make a general donation to our organization to be used wherever the need arises. We thank you for your consideration and hope you will join us in our mission to positively impact education through professional connections.

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Any amount