AAEE Bylaws

  •  BYLAWS of the


    Article I


    Section 1.  Name. 

    The name of this corporation is American Association for Employment in Education, Inc., and is referred to herein as “AAEE.”

    Section 2.  Form of Administration

    AAEE shall employ an executive director to manage the operation of the national headquarters. 

    a.   The executive director shall report to the board of directors.

    b.   The executive director shall be responsible for implementation of the policy decisions and activities of the association.

    Section 3.  Fiscal Year

    The fiscal year of AAEE shall be established by the board of directors.

    Article II


    Section 1.  Members

    There shall be three membership categories:

  • a.   The first membership category shall be institutional membership, which includes one vote per
  •      institution.   

    ·         Institutional members have full membership privileges 

    ·         Institutional membership shall be extended to the following:

    (1) To colleges, universities, and other post secondary educational institutions, which prepare teachers and other educational personnel for service in public and private schools     

    (2) To elementary and secondary educational institutions which employ teachers and other educational personnel

    b. The second category of membership shall be affiliate membership.

    ·         Affiliate membership may be extended to the following:

    (1) Not-for-profit organizations whose activities include providing information or services related to education

    (2) For-profit organizations whose activities include providing information or services related to education

    c. The third category of membership shall be special membership. Types of special membership include:

    ·         Emeritus membership

    ·         Retired or out-of-field membership

    ·         Student members – current college/university students interested in careers in education 

    Article III


    Section 1. Establishment of Dues.

    Dues shall be:

    a.   Recommended by the board of directors

    b.   Payable annually

    c.   The responsibility of the member

    Article IV

    Voting Districts


    Section 1.  Determination.

    Voting districts shall be determined by the board of directors.

    Article V


    Section 1.  Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors of AAEE

    a.   Implement, in accordance with these bylaws, criteria for membership in AAEE

    b.   Establish special functional teams to respond to AAEE’s needs and conduct the business of the association

    c.   Serve as chairs of appointed committees

    d.   Approve the annual budget

    Section 2.  Composition of the Board of Directors

    The board of directors shall be elected by the voting membership and shall consist of five executive officers and between 3 and 9 additional directors. The executive officers shall be:

    a.   President

    b.   President-elect

    c.   Past President

    d.   Secretary

    e.   Treasurer

    f.    Executive Director (ex officio)

    The president may appoint ex-officio board members as necessary.

    Section 3.  Presidential Sequence

    The office of president-elect shall be filled by election, and the occupant of that office shall succeed to the office of president and then past president upon the completion of the term of each office.

    Section 4.  Meetings

    The board of directors shall hold at least two meetings (in person or via telephone) per year.

    a.   Other meetings may be called by the president or upon petition to the president bearing the signatures of a majority of the other board members.  A petition for a meeting of the board of directors shall state the specific purpose for holding such meeting.  The president must act upon any such petition by calling a meeting within 14 calendar days of its receipt.  The meeting must take place within 28 calendar days.

    b.   The executive committee shall consist of the executive officers.

    c.   A quorum is required for all motions and voting matters.

    Section 5.  Unexpired Terms.

    The procedures for filling a vacancy on the board of directors shall be as follows:

    a.   An unexpired term of the president of AAEE shall be completed by the president-elect who shall subsequently serve the term as president to which s/he would have succeeded in the ordinary course.

    b.   An unexpired term of the president-elect, secretary or treasurer shall be appointed by the president.

    c.   An unexpired term of the past president shall be completed by the individual who most recently held such office and whose institution still holds active membership in AAEE.

    d.   The balance of an unexpired term of office of a director shall be filled by appointment of the president from the persons eligible.

    Article VI

    Parliamentary Authority

    Section 1.  Source. 

    The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all matters of AAEE.

    Article VII


    Section 1.  Quorum. 

    To conduct the affairs of AAEE, each meeting shall require a quorum.

    Article VIII


    To further the objectives of the field of educational employment, AAEE will offer encouragement and assistance to members who wish to form or further develop a regional/state association or a single governance structure within a given region. 

    Article IX


    Section 1: Amendment. 

    Any voting member of AAEE may propose an amendment to the bylaws by submitting the proposal in writing to the president. The president will present the proposal to the executive board for consideration.  If approved by the board of directors, the proposed amendment will then be submitted to the membership for ratification.  A simple majority of those voting in each member classification is required for ratification.

    Article X


    Section 1: Review Process.

  • a.   Every three (3) years a bylaws review shall be conducted

b.   A financial review and/or audit shall be conducted at the end of fiscal year at the discretion of

    the board of directors

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