Students, Graduates, Educators in Transition!

Join us Friday, October 30th, 2020 from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET. 

A great opportunity to build employment connections and prepare for a career in education. 

Come to explore options, gather information and to interview with local, regional and international employers about current and future employment opportunities. 

See a list of registered recruiters!

See our tips for making the most of the Career Fair below.

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AAEE Annual Education Career Fair

General Tips for Career Fair Success

  • Be prepared to talk about your education, skills, and experiences and how they can benefit their school district or organization.  Ask questions to determine if you would enjoy working there.
  • Don’t forget to ask for a form of contact information so you can follow-up properly. Try to send thank you correspondence as soon as possible following this event (or after any follow-up interviews scheduled).
  • Don’t limit yourself geographically! Talk to as many recruiters as possible today to learn about opportunities – you may find that some of the best jobs are in states or geographic regions further away than your original focus.  Learn as much as you can about your options to make the best decision.
  • Be confident in yourself as you let recruiters know all the wonderful things you can do for their students. 
  • Update your resume (and save in a standard format such as PDF) as it may be requested. 
  • Set aside dedicated time (in a relatively quiet place) to attend the event and remain focused. 
  • Ensure you'll have a strong internet connection for the duration of your attendance. 
  • "Chat" with recruiters using a friendly but professional tone, including when ending the conversation. 
  • Ensure you ask recruiters about next steps in their hiring process before ending the chat. 
  • Anticipate the possibility of video-based chat by dressing and grooming appropriately...and considering your background. 
  • Research the school districts ahead of time and prepare appropriate questions and points you want to make. AAEE has provided a complete list of recruiters and what positions they are hiring for on our website. 
  • Treat it the same way you would meeting someone in person. Attend prepared with a basic understanding of who you'll be talking to, have questions ready, and remain professional! And don't forget to be in a quiet location.

Registered Recruiters

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