Contribute to the 2023 Job Search Handbook for Educators


2021 showed how differing the education sector can be at any given time. It has taught us invaluable lessons both personally and professionally. Let's share what we've discovered!

Give the gift of your experience to the next generation of teachers by contributing an article for the 2023 Job Search Handbook for Educators.


Submit an article for the 2023 Job Search Handbook for Educators! 


The deadline for consideration is Friday, February 11, 2022.

AAEE’s Job Search Handbook for Educators is considered the premier resource "manual" for pre-service educators, recent graduates, and others interested in careers in the PK-12 field. Each edition contains dozens of helpful articles to inspire, encourage, and guide novice educators as they pursue their professional goals.

You are invited to submit an article for the 2023 edition of the Job Search Handbook for Educators. We are requesting articles between 250 and 1,000 words in length.


Types of Articles

Want to contribute but not sure what to write about? No problem! AAEE has complied the list below to help jump-start those creative juices. 

We are seeking articles related to the following topics:

  • Reasons to enter the teaching profession
  • Resumes, cover letters, references, and applications
  • Networking and social media
  • Preparing for interviews and job fairs
  • Teaching in a virtual space
  • Traditional and non-traditional employment options 
  • Equity, diversity, and cultural competence
  • Educator self-care
  • Skills, salary, and the demand for educators
  • Other topics that may be relevant to pre-service educators, recent graduates, and others interested in PK-12 teaching careers

We welcome data-supported articles that are written in a conversational format. To-Do Lists, Top Ten Lists, FAQs, and/or quizzes are all excellent formats for Job Search Handbook articles. Think about how you would present this information to prospective educators if you were addressing them in person.


If your article is accepted, you, as the author:

  • Bear full responsibility for the content of your article; opinions expressed are not necessarily representative of AAEE;
  • Confirm that the article has not been published or submitted elsewhere;
  • Grant AAEE the right to use this article in 2023 Job Search Handbook and other AAEE publications and/or media;
  • Understand the editorial committee reserves the right to edit the article to fit the style and continuity of the Handbook.

Please submit your proposed article (as a Word document) by February 11, 2022.


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