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  • 19 Mar 2020
  • 31 Oct 2020
  • Shreveport, LA


  • Working under the direction of the principal or assigned evaluator, administers the classroom in accordance with School Board policies and uses instructional and administrative skills to promote the educational development of each student.
  • Competencies and Performance Standards will be used for teacher evaluation in conjunction with measures of student growth.
  • Measures of student growth will be aligned with the Caddo Parish Public School System’s accountability measures as outlined in the Louisiana Accountability System.

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation- 1C-Setting Instructional Outcomes
• The teacher values, sequences and aligns curriculum enabling students to build their understanding of important ideas from concept to concept.
• The teacher designs and structures lessons so that learner outcomes are at an appropriate cognitive level.
• The teacher writes and plans multi-disciplinary outcomes for student learning, not student activity.
• The teacher differentiates outcomes and instruction for students of varied abilities.
• The teacher creates and/or uses a variety of assessment tools that are curriculum-aligned and challenging.

Domain 2: The Classroom Environment- 2C-Managing Classroom Procedures
• The teacher helps students to develop skills to work purposefully and cooperatively in groups.
• The teacher facilitates lessons that engage students in different types of activities-large groups, small groups and independent work.
• The teacher ensures smooth functioning of all routines and maximizes instructional time.

Domain 3: Instruction- 3B-Questioning and Discussion Techniques
• The teacher develops and presents questions that cause students to think and reflect; resulting in a deeper understanding of the topic.
• The teacher promotes learning through discussion.
• The teacher uses a range of techniques to ensure that all students contribute to the discussion and enlists the assistance of students to ensure this outcome.

Domain 3: Instruction- 3C-Engaging Students in Learning
• The teacher facilitates activities and assignments that promote learning and are aligned with the goals of the lesson.
• The teacher groups students for instruction in a variety of ways using factors such as similar backgrounds, ability levels, as well as random groupings.
• The teacher selects instructional materials suited to engaging students in understanding and learning at a deeper level.
• The teacher delivers lessons that are appropriately structured and paced.

Domain 3: Instruction- 3D-Using Assessment in Instruction
• The teacher aligns assessment to the curriculum.
• The teacher informs students of the criteria for assessment.
• The teacher monitors student learning using a variety of techniques.
• The teacher provides valuable feedback in a timely, constructive and substantive manner.
• The teacher promotes student self-assessment and student self-monitoring of their progress.


• Administers classroom in accordance with Caddo Parish School Board policies and regulations

• Accepts and exercises responsibilities for duties and assignments related to administrative/management, curricular and extra-curricular aspects of the school

• Accepts other responsibilities as required by the Principal or his/her designee

• Works tactfully and harmoniously with staff, parents, students, and/or public

• Reports promptly to work

• Maintains good attendance in compliance with Caddo Parish School Board Policy and state law

• Maintains composure

• Appears neat, dresses appropriately for the profession, and is well groomed

• Maintains a high standard of professional conduct

Employee acknowledges that he/she is required to maintain a high standard of professional conduct. Breach of said professional conduct includes but is not limited to: neglect of duty, dishonesty, engagement in acts that are contrary to CPSB policy, unlawful activities, or any other conduct which is seriously prejudicial to the school system.

Minimum Qualifications: United States citizen or authorized alien; those requirements as outlined in Louisiana Bulletin 746. (Louisiana Standards of State Certification of School Personnel)

Personal Characteristics: Physical and mental stamina and ability to perform job functions, tasks and duties. Possesses physical health to report regularly to work and deal effectively with students. Exhibits ability to plan, organize.

Terms of Employment: 182 days, or as stated in contract or employment agreement

Reports to: School Principal and/or Assistant Principal or Assigned Evaluator

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