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English Teacher - High School ( AP, IB, A - level ) - All positions in China
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Teaching in China

Dipont Education Management
Who We Are:

• Dipont operates international education centers within existing Chinese high schools.
These programs function as schools within schools. We deliver international curricula
to Chinese students: Advanced Placement (AP), A-level (British curriculum) and
International Baccalaureate (IB).
• We currently operate 26 international programs in many of the best high schools in
China serving approximately 7,000 students.
• All of our students will go to university abroad; most of them in Top 100 schools.
• Dipont opened its first two independent K-12 schools in Wuxi and Hangzhou. A third
school opens in Kunshan in September 2020. Many more Dipont schools will follow.

Job Description:
• Teaching up to 26 periods per week to A-level/AP/IB students according to curriculum
subject specifications and guidelines set by Academic Quality Manager (AQM).
• Providing the Center Principal (CP) with monthly teaching plans in line with the Scheme
of Work (SOW) supplied by AQM.
• Ensuring continuous assessment and recording of grades.
• Writing periodic student reports
• Acting as tutor to a group of students as assigned by the Center Principal.
• Participating in meetings with parents.
• Participating in ‘Open Days’ for prospective students and parents.
• Proctoring exams as per the arrangements made by CP.
• Advising Center Principal and AQM regarding own specialized subject resources
required for students to optimize learning experience.
• Writing references for students and helping them to edit their Personal Statements for
application to universities.
• Accepting other duties assigned to enhance the learning experience of the students and
smooth functioning of the Center.
• Attending meetings and training sessions, which are considered necessary for staff
Requirements and Qualifications:
• Bachelors’ degree or above, candidates with appropriate teaching qualifications are
• Relevant high school teaching experience, with over 2 years’ related full-time teaching
experience are preferred;
• Patient, reliable, responsible, detailed-oriented;
• Good team player with excellent communication skills.

Why Dipont?
• The students in our centers will be some of the best students you will ever teach. The
quality of students and the satisfaction of teaching them at a very high academic level
is the most often cited positive experience by our teachers. If you are good at your job
you will be admired and respected like you have never been before as a teacher. Even if
you saw a student an hour ago, they will greet you like they have missed you for a
• Our students forego the Chinese national college entrance exam and all will attend
university outside of China, predominantly in the United Kingdom and the United
States. We annually have students accepted to schools such as Cambridge, Oxford,
Stanford, Penn, Duke, Cornell, and many other top schools.
• The combination of the competitive salary, housing allowance, no automobile
ownership costs, and low cost of living provide the opportunity to save a sizable
percentage of your salary.
• Experience China. China’s long and rich history, its energetic and engaging people, and
the intriguing cultural differences make it a rewarding experience. Ease of
transportation and ample vacation time make all of China, actually all of Asia,
accessible to you.
• Dipont is the leading provider of international curricula in China.

Assistance With Settling in and Living in China:
• From the moment you sign your contract, local Dipont staff will help you with navigating
the immigration process, finding a place to live, setting up utilities and many other life
• The support you will receive is exceptional!

Salary, Benefits and Contract:
• Your first contract will be for two years with one-year contracts thereafter.
• Salaries are competitive based on qualifications and experience.
• International-quality health insurance is provided.
• Your initial flight to China will be reimbursed.
• You receive one round-trip flight per academic year during the first two-year contract. In
the third and subsequent years, you will receive two round trip flights in most centers.
• A housing allowance is provided, which will cover a comfortable two or three bedroom
apartment close to your school.
• A bonus upon completion of the first two-year contract and annually thereafter.
Opportunities for Professional Development and Advancement:
• We start each academic year with the Annual Conference, which is a two-day in-service
training event.
• Dipont has a team of Academic Quality Managers (AQMs), who are curriculum
specialists in the areas of math, science, humanities, and English. This team provides
professional development training throughout the year. The AQM team also organizes
subject panels (teams of interested and high-performing teachers) that meet
throughout the year and work on curriculum development.
• Teachers are regularly sent to curriculum training in their respective curriculum (AP, A-
level, and IB) to keep up to date in the latest developments in their curricular area.
• Mid and upper management level positions are available to Dipont staff. We look to hire
from within first, in most cases. Positions include heads of department, IB
coordinators, Center Principals, Academic Quality Managers, and senior staff.

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