The American Association for Employment in Education (AAEE) was originally established in 1934 (as the Association for School, College, and University Staffing). AAEE's nonprofit mission is to positively impact education through professional connections and we have four main purposes: 1) To gather, organize, and disseminate information on candidates, the educational marketplace, and the job search process; 2) To establish and promote ethical standards and practices in the employment process; 3) To provide opportunities for training, networking and the exchange of information about current practices, research and innovations; and 4) To promote dialogue and cooperation among institutions which prepare educators and institutions which provide employment opportunities. 

AAEE primarily serves the following three groups:

  • School systems (primary contacts tend to be teacher recruiters, but this institutional-level membership includes unlimited representation)
  • Post-secondary institutions (primary contacts tend to be career services professionals, but this institutional-level membership includes unlimited representation)
  • Educator candidates (individual membership)

We also have membership levels for affiliated organizations, both non-profit and for-profit.