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Want to reach thousands of new educators?  Looking for a target audience of candidates?

Get even MORE exposure. The 2021 Job Search Handbook will be available in digital! 

Purchase an ad or announcement in the 2021 AAEE Job Search Handbook for Educators that will be seen by 50,000+ individuals from colleges, universities, agencies, and school districts. In addition to ads from employers, consortia, graduate schools, and education-related organizations, this handbook includes articles targeted to the job search for teachers and related educators. Considered the premier resource among university career services and colleges of education, the handbook is often distributed to student teachers in class presentations and used as a one-on-one advising tool across the U.S. The AAEE Job Search Handbook for Educators is the go-to resource for university professionals and candidates seeking employment. Because new grads use the handbook as their “manual” throughout their job search, your advertisement will be viewed by thousands of individuals for years to come!

The Cover of the 2021 AAEE Job Search Handbook for Educators

Artwork Specifications
Advertising sizes for the Job Search Handbook for Educators
  • AAEE reserves the right to determine placement of all display notices, except for Premium Placements.
  • Premium Positions are available only to the first organization to pay for each of the specified placements.
  • The body of the Job Search Handbook prints in four color. Improperly sized art will NOT be accepted.
  • Display notices must be submitted in electronic format as PDF files. Please be certain to embed all fonts, photos, and graphics in the PDF. Other formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Website downloads, etc. will NOT be accepted.
  • The accuracy of the display notice is the sole responsibility of the submitter. Final display notice copy, if any changes are made, must be approved in writing.
  • Submit completed artwork to AAEE at
Deadline for advertisement submittal: June 12, 2020

Artwork deadline is June 12, 2020. All ads in 4-color at no additional cost. Premium display rate options are only available as full-page ads.


 AAEE Member  Non-Member
Outside Back Cover* $6,799 $8,499
Inside Front Cover  $3,999 $4,999
Inside Back Cover  $3,999 $4,999
Center Page - Left Side  $3,999 $4,999
Center Page - Right Side $3,999 $4,999
First Page of Section for "Applications, Cover Letters, Resumes, and References" $1,999


First Page of Section for "Networking, Professional Appearance, and Social Media" $1,999


First Page of Section for "Portfolio and Interviewing" $1,999


First Page of Section for "Employment Options" $1,999


First Page of Section for "Skills, Salary, and Demand for Educators" $1,999




AAEE Member Non-Member
 Full Page  $1,649  $2,399
 1/2 Page  $999  $1,799
 1/4 Page  $629  $999
 1/8 Page  $529  $799


To qualify for member pricing, AAEE membership must be maintained for 2020-2021. Otherwise, advertisements will be invoiced at the nonmember rate. • An advertisement may be submitted by an education-related consortia at the member rate if an AAEE member is an active member of the consortia. The AAEE office will review these requests on an individual basis. • Salary schedules may not be included in an advertisement; however salary ranges may be listed. Advertising purchasers may request a complimentary copy of the handbook. 

*Space will need to be included for the handbook barcode which can impact design slightly for the Outside Back Cover.

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