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Kenai Peninsula Borough School District


June 2018
Webinar Date: June 19, 2018 at 3:00 PM EST

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

About Kenai Peninsula Borough School District 

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District encompasses more than 25K square miles and serves 20 different communities. 

We employ 1200 individuals who work at 44 sites; all but four of those sites are accessible by road from the state’s hub of Anchorage, or from the contiguous U.S., via highway through Canada.

Approximately 11% of the district’s enrollment of 8K students are Alaska Native. 

The Kenai Peninsula is widely known as “Álaska’s Playground” because of the large numbers of Alaskan residents who head to the Kenai Peninsula to vacation and engage in any number of the exciting activities that are available.


School District:
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District; Alaska

  • 44 schools
  • 20 communities
  • Urban and rural sites
  • 25,600 square miles
  • Larger than West Virginia
  • 11% Alaska Native
  • Kenai-Homer= 89 miles
  • Kenai-Seward= 106
  • Kenai-Anchorage= 156
  • Seward-Anchorage= 127

Find out more fast facts about Kenai Borough School District here!

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