Fulton County Schools (Georgia)

College On the Horizon!

College on the Horizon! targets three key goals. First, to highlight the teaching profession through our College and Career Academy and provide students with greater exposure to college campuses and the various Education Programs. Second, build the confidence of our students and build the soft skills needed to network, research, and select the best program, and finally, forge greater collaboration between the Academy and the district recruiter to support the teaching pipeline and provide wrap-around support for our future educators.

College on the Horizon will be the catalyst for the continuing to support the teaching pipeline. The idea of campus exposure may not seem innovative to some but for "first generation" college students, it is groundbreaking. The AAEE Conference really motivated Fulton to work in greater collaboration with our College and Career Academy partners. Partnering with our local higher education partners will also expose of students to the various campus resources. 

TAP Visit January 2020 Pic 2