Minnesota North College - Itasca

Minnesota North College - Itasca Campus's Education Day Program 

The Education Day Program will help recruit future teachers by showing students what programs are available in their community. It is a common misconception that students must move away from the area to complete their degree to become a teacher, but with the programs at Minnesota North and the St. Scholastica Elementary Education Degree Completion Program that is on the Itasca campus, students have amazing options. They are growing our own teachers!


Goals of the program include:

  • To teach high school students what is required to become a teacher and what pathways are available to them in our area.
  • To raise awareness of the two education programs that are available on the Itasca Campus (Class Act K-12 and Early Childhood).
  • To get high school students from northern Minnesota to visit campus and consider starting their education journey at Itasca.