Top Tips for Navigating the AAEE Career Fair

Students, Graduates, Educators in Transition!

The AAEE Education Fair is an effective way to meet employers: to build your network of contacts, to expand job prospects, to engage in interviews, and to—potentially—get a job! Each employer will have a booth with literature and other helpful materials.  You will have a chance to meet recruiters, ask questions about their organizations, and tell them about your qualifications.  Here is a list of Top 10 Tips to help you make the most of the fair.

  1. BRING LOTS OF RESUMES: Bring resumes for your targeted employers and allow for multiple representatives. Also, bring resumes for employers you hadn’t targeted but that you discover as you circulate among the booths at the fair.
  2. BE CONFIDENT: You’re ready for this. Employers don’t expect perfection! Be prepared to talk about your teaching experience and the significant things you can do for their students. If you are not graduating within the next year, that’s fine. Come to gather information and check out future options. Employers will be pleased to talk to education majors at any level.
  3. INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND ASK QUESTIONS: Employers are eager to meet and talk with you, so don’t hesitate to initiate conversation. For example: “Hello, I’m ______, a teacher candidate in Spanish with certification in grades K-12. I will graduate in May from _______. Do you anticipate any opportunities for Spanish teachers next year?” If you’re not graduating within the next year, simply introduce yourself and indicate your graduation year and ask for information on their district.
  4. MEET WITH A VARIETY OF EMPLOYERS: Don’t just focus on a few popular districts. Keep an open mind. Talk with recruiters about anticipated opportunities. If they are not the representative who hires for your certification area, ask for the name and e-mail address of the person that you should contact. If an employer is unsure about future vacancies in your certification area, ask for their business card so that you can follow up with them in the future. This kind of networking can lead to a position later!
  5. EMPHASIZE YOUR STRENGTHS: Prepare to talk about experiences on your resume, highlighting skills that administrators are seeking: differentiated instruction, student-centered learning, classroom management, teaching strategies, state standards, collaborative teaching, integration of technology, etc. Don’t forget to convey enthusiasm!
  6. INTERVIEW TIPS: Your Career Services Office can assist you with interview advice. Also, consult the AAEE Job Search Handbook for Educators—available from most Career Services Offices. You’ll receive a free copy at the fair!
  7. DRESS PROFESSIONALLY: A suit is not required, but if you’re able, invest in one. If you’re not sure about the appropriateness of an outfit, contact your Career Services Office. Wear professional, yet comfortable, shoes. (You don’t want to be constricted by uncomfortable clothing or footwear.)
  8. STAY ORGANIZED: Business Cards, Notes, Applications – Most employers will place business cards on their table.  Get a business card for each representative with whom you speak.  Double-check contact information before you leave the table.  After you step away, note any special points you discussed related to: a) the application process, b) special characteristics of the district, c) follow-up you offered to do, etc. It’s important to keep track of this information after each conversation because it will blur quickly if you don’t capture it right away.  
  9. FOLLOW UP: Send follow-up emails to those employers that you would like to pursue further, and attach another copy of your resume.  Don’t forget to thank them for taking the time to introduce you to their organization.
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