Tips for Candidates


Job Search Tips and Employment Advice for Candidates

The search for a professional position in education might seem like a daunting task, but we have ideas and resources to help you get started!

  1. Keep an eye on Careers for Educators or our Job Fair page. Job postings from across the country are always coming in.
  2. Become an Educator CandidateWith this membership, you gain access to our directory, which includes hundreds of school districts for you to connect with. You also get access to our member-exclusive webinars and receive email updates regarding upcoming job fairs, events, and more!
  3. Take a look at our publications! Your career center may have these resources, but if you want your own or additional copies, AAEE publications are available on this website. Our most substantial resource is the Job Search Handbook for Educators.  With 60+ articles about the education job search, articles are targeted and comprehensive—covering every aspect of the application process, preparing documents, interviews, networking, social media, relocating, and much more!  This handbook will be your go-to resource to help you through every step of the job search.
  4. Connect with your university career center. Your career center has resources to help with your job search:
  • Employer links and referral systems; workshops or seminars; mock interviews; substantial website resources; alumni networks; professional career counselors and advisors to respond to your questions and provide targeted guidance.
  • Even if you graduated "XX" years ago, your career center will offer resources—often online—for your search.
  • Through membership in AAEE, colleges may offer reciprocal services between institutions. For example, if you graduated from a college in Boston, but want to relocate to San Diego, your Boston-area college can help you obtain services from an institution in the San Diego area!