AAEE This Is Us Webinar Series

Wake County Public School System


July 2018

Wake County Public School System 

The Wake County Public School System is rich soil where passion, drive and ambition take root and grow strong. Make an impact from here that’s entirely you own, while leaving an impression so undeniable, it changes the very fabric of the district around you. Discover, develop, and fully embrace a career that takes you where you want to go. When you’re here at Wake, you’re a part of a diverse, capable, and supportive community working together to move the future forward.

At WCPSS, each day is a chance to make a profound difference. From sparking a hunger for knowledge to pushing the boundaries of innovative teaching. From spurring monumental breakthroughs in learning to helping students unravel their uniqueness and achieve their full potential. As a district striving to impact future generations, we fully embrace dedication in today’s classroom, knowing that it sets the pace for a brighter tomorrow.

Reach wherever you aspire to be professionally, from here. As the largest school district in North Carolina, we offer multiple avenues and diverse programs to help you develop old skills, learn new ones and build a promising career. From the wide array of school types and educational programs we offer, to the flexibility inherent in our various curriculum schedules, there is freedom here to find your niche, excel with your strengths, and propel yourself to new heights.

We want you to fully embrace that you’re a big part of something special. That your talents and efforts are highly valued and appreciated. To enable and inspire the change that makes us extraordinary, we provide all the support we possibly can to help you succeed. From mentoring and developing your budding skills as a new educator, to continually recognizing your achievements and accomplishments throughout your tenure here.

We draw inspiration and energy from the very county we call home. As nearby Research Triangle Park and surrounding colleges and universities strive for excellence while embracing technology and innovation, so do we. As the cultural and economic landscape diversifies and thrives, so does our ability to provide real-world experiences to our students and teachers. As the county maintains its unique mix of big-city energy and small-town charm, we maintain the employment flexibility and career advantages attractive to talented people just like you.

For us, Wake County is the tapestry of rich experiences, promising opportunities, and amazing communities that shape our approach to quality education for future generations.

    This Is Us Webinar Series
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