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This Is How We Do It: Slippery Rock University

Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 3PM EST

We in career services have excellent resources and advice to share with education majors, but the age-old question is how do we get students to heed our advice, attend our events, and take advantage of the resources available to help them successfully transition to a professional career? In my three decades plus of working with education majors, I have gotten more effective in partnering with this population and getting them to take advantage of what our office has to offer. While some colleagues may be effectively using the latest social media to connect with students, I am definitely old school (I don’t even have a Twitter account).

In this webinar, I will share what has worked for me at Slippery Rock University. At the heart of this success are productive partnerships with SRU faculty and deans, school administrators (both local and across the country), and education alumni. Will you encounter an “Ah Ha” moment of clarity during this webinar? Will the meaning of life become evident? Not likely. But you may get an idea or two that you can implement in your work with education majors.  

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